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Searching for Elwood

An Elijah Wood Community

Cyber-searching for all things Elijah Wood
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dedicated to unearthing and sharing pictures and information about Elijah Wood
Welcome to elijah_finds, a community dedicated to unearthing and sharing pictures and information about Elijah Wood, from the latest news to treasures of any vintage awaiting discovery on the internet.

Here you will find tutorials and tips on searching for and finding news, photos, articles and other items of interest; these items can then be posted to the community for group sharing.

Though this is an Elijah community, he will occasionally be shown or mentioned as being in the company of others. If this bothers you, then this may not be the community for you. Please read The Rules below before posting or commenting; said rules will be enforced, and those who cannot abide by them will have to find another playground.

It is recommended that you actually join the community rather than just add it as a friend (see above link that says, "To join this community, click here") so that you will be able to see the frequent locked entries. Membership is moderated for the time being, so if you want to be considered for membership, it is helpful if your profile and journal indicate that you are an actual person rather than a blank nobody. If this is an issue for you, please contact the moderator.

The Rules:

1) What is allowed:
- searching tips and techniques
- photos that include Elijah (excluding those listed below)
- news regarding his career
- articles and interviews
- video clips
- sightings (I almost called it "gossip," but I don't want to give anyone any ideas)
- fan encounters
- links to any of the above

2) What is not allowed:
- gossip and/or speculation about relationships or sexual orientation
- offensively negative comments about Elijah; this includes comments about his companion(s). While good-natured criticism is fine, overly negative comments may receive a warning from the moderator, and anyone who continues to make negative comments after two warnings (or less, if warranted) will be banned. Decisions about what is considered "offensive" will be at the sole discretion of the moderator
- private or personal photos of or taken by Elijah or his friends/family, such as those from the infamous Jason Z gallery or his friends' MySpace pages
- icon entries
- color bar entries
- fanfiction
- photo manips
- personal information regarding Elijah (addresses, emails.. etc) Let's protect his privacy.
- hotlinking photos. PLEASE do not do this! If you find pictures somewhere, save them to your hard drive and then upload them to website (such as an image-hosting site) to share. Likewise, please do not link to photos on this community -- linking to the entries is allowed, hotlinking is not

3) Entries:
- must be lj-cut if they are long, contain large (over 40K/400 pixels wide) or multiple images, embedded videos, or SPOILERS
- should have a descriptive title or brief summary as to what sort of images are behind a cut (i.e. "Elijah and Pam shopping in Soho" or "Photos from various awards shows") so people will know what's behind the cut before clicking
- may contain links to sources except for photo entries. Let's be honest: we're 'stealing' these images in some cases, so track-backs could result in unpleasantness
- can simply be a link to your own LJ (providing it isn't locked) or other community, if you prefer to post your finds there
- should be tagged, but try to use the tags provided rather than creating new ones so they don't get out of hand. The moderator will add tags as necessary
- may be deleted with or without warning if deemed by the moderator to be inappropriate or against the rules

4) Comments:
- are both allowed and encouraged
- can be used to pass along your own tips/information/pics/wisdom
- will be allowed anonymously, but will be screened
- may be allowed, screened, frozen or deleted as the moderator sees fit

5) Above all:
- Please respect your fellow fans. We are a wide range of personalities, but with at least one wonderful thing in common
- Rude behavior, bullying and attempts to intimidate others will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from the community
- No flaming!
- HAVE FUN. We are here to share all things Elwood -- what could be more fun than that?

NOW, GET OUT THERE AND FIND HIM AND BRING HIM BACK ALIVE AND UNSPOILED. And, please, remember to share with the rest of the class. :)

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